Electronics and Communication Science

Started in the year 1999, the department is offering B.Sc Electronics and communication science ,formerly known as B.E.S (Bachelor of electronics).well experienced and dynamic faculty imparts knowledge and skills to inculcate the professional responsibilities to play leadership role along their diverse career paths and develop capability to utilize innovative and creative electronic skills in industry ,national laboratories,research centers and entrepreneurship.

The association is the pioneer to encouraging the students to organize and participate in the workshops,seminars every year .The students exhibit their talents in various mind provoking events. The department also conduct guest lectures,seminars,certificate courses,add on courses to enrich the knowledge of students in advanced topics.


The department is striving to become a center of excellence in the field of principles of communication,digital electronics, Electrical and electronic instrumentation, microprocessor, microcontroller and embedded systems.


The sincere effort of our faculty to motivate the students has produced remarkable achievements in co- curricular and extra – curricular activities. The dedication of our faculty and the keen interest exhibited by our students has produced a commendable academic record.


  • To familiarize the student to the concepts of communication systems.
  • To provide the necessary knowledge for application of electronics in their day to day life.
  • To identify and differentiate digital electronics applications.
  • To develop an in-depth understanding of the operation of Microprocessor and interfacing devices and MicroController.
  • To make the students use their intellectual calibre for effective and quick acquisition.

Courses Offered:

  • B.Sc (Electronics and communication science )Full Time


Imparting knowledge of hardware interfacing problem solving, simple programs, to our undergraduate degree students.

Semester Major Paper Allied Paper Main Practical Allied Practical Elective
I Basic Circuit Theory Mathematics-I Main Practical-I - History of Electronics
II Basic Electronics Mathematics-II Main Practical-II - Trends in personal computers
III Amplifiers and oscillators, Electricity magnetism and Electromagnetism, Numerical Methods Basic physics–I Main Practical–III Basic physics–I -
IV Digital Electronics, Principles of communication, Programming in c and oops concept Basic physics–II Main Practical–IV Basic Physics–II -
V Microprocessor (Intel 8085), Antennas and television engineering, Electrical and electronics instrumentation - Main Practical–V - Medical Electronics, Theory of Robotics and automation, Mobile communications
VI MicroController, Advanced Electronics, Computer networks - Main Practical–VI - Industrial Electronics, Consumer Electronics, Microwave and Fiber optic communication systems.

Strength of the Department:

  • The infrastructure in the laboratory is as per norms . DWB,EWB,OPAMP Trainer model kits ,Microprocessor and MicroController kits are available in numbers.
  • Well established lab.
  • Self- motivated ,well qualified and experienced teaching , Non – teaching Faculty as a team.
  • Well experienced Professors with an average of 15 years of experience .
  • Continuous Institution Industry interaction to help students upgrade knowledge.
  • We hold a Previledge that even before their graduation , 90% of the students are placed and the remaining immediately after their graduation . The department faculty encourages the students to implement innovative ideas in their project works.