The department of biochemistry is a trending research- meticulous part of faculty of biology. Since it was established in the year 1999, the department has developed in various reputations for excellence in teaching and also in academic enhancement. Currently, the department has five full time academic staff members and forty two undergraduate students are engaged in full time studies. Department is equipped with two established laboratories located in grand division for various practical assessment. The department offers undergraduate curriculum with practical aided knowledge to augment the students in wide exposure of modern biochemical techniques. The faculty of the department also attends many faculty enrichment programs which help them to handle constantly changing technological trends. We provide a plethora of course focusing on different special aspects of biochemistry. Our graduates hold good positions throughout in various research laboratories, hospital laboratories, publication editors, medical coders, pharmaceutical companies and also as academic faculties.


To produce undergraduates with immense research knowledge in biochemistry who are able to apply the particles knowledge to establish innovative imagination.

Course Offered: (Biochemistry) 3 years- full time


Semester Major Paper Allied Paper Main Practical Allied Practical Electives
I Nutritional Biochemistry Chemistry-I - - Health and Nutrition
II Cell Biology Chemistry-II Practical-I Practical-II Human diseases and preventive aspects
III Chemistry of Biomolecules-I Biostatistics-I - - -
IV Chemistry of Biomolecules-II Biostatistics-II Practical-II Practical-II Environmental Studies
V Enzymes, Metabolism, Analytical Biochemistry - - - Physiology
VI Clinical biochemistry, Molecular Biology - Practical-III Practical-IV Immunology, Biotechnology

Laboratory Practices:

  • Plant cell division, calcium from milk, starch from potato, albumin/globulin from egg.
  • Quantitative analysis of sugars and amino acids.
  • Hematology and biochemical techniques.

Value Added Courses:

Certificate courses are conducted by department to complement students. Knowledge and skills in their field of studies. Courses offered are chosen based on current trends, relevance and value in the job market.

Best Practices:

  • Department of biochemistry conducts guest lecturer, seminars, industrial visit, one day hospital visit and many certificate courses in field of clinical hematology and diagnostic biochemistry. Department also involved in social awareness on diabetes mellitus in local aided areas.
  • Monthly activities are also conducted to enhance the practical skill of the students and it enables the knowledge to be an innovator.

Scope of Biochemistry:

  • Biochemistry deals with study of chemical basis of life in living organism including plants and animals. Field of biochemistry contributed great role in medicinal and health science, agriculture, industries, molecular biology, genetics and forensic science etc. it also includes many following branches like animal biochemistry, medical biochemistry, clinical biochemistry, plant biochemistry, environmental biochemistry, nutritional biochemistry, industrial biochemistry etc.
  • Graduates in biochemistry has good enclosed scope like teaching in medical and dental college, clinical research, pharmacy industries, pathology labs, nutritional biochemistry etc.

Careers After B.SC Biochemistry Degree:

  • M.Sc Biochemistry
  • M.Sc Endocrinology
  • M.Sc Biotechnology
  • M.Sc Nanoscience and technology
  • M.Sc Chemistry
  • M.Sc Medical biochemistry
  • M.Sc Bioinformatics